Super alloy springs

Heavy compression springs and super alloy springs

Lesjöfors specializes in making quality super alloy springs and heavy springs. These springs are designed to perform optimally under the most brutal of environmental circumstances. Lesjöfors produces heavy springs and super alloy springs up to wire thickness 65mm, a mean diameter of 600mm and an unloaded length of 1500mm. Hastelloy, Inconel X750 and X718, MPN 35,..are only a few of the super alloys kept on stock by Lesjöfors. Our production department also produces disc springs, leaf springs, torsion springs and extension springs in super alloys as a custom-made article. Please provide us with a drawing, model or dimensions needed and we will engineer your bespoke super spring.

Heavy springs and super alloy springs are used in a wide range of applications and sectors of industry: railway industry, oil industry, electric power industry, nuclear powerplants, space and aircraft industry, petrochemical industry, etc.
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Super alloys in stock
Inconel X750
Inconel X718
Nimonic 90
Hastelloy C-276
MP 35N
AISI 316

Other materials can be ordered and processed for your tailored spring.

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